Good Design: Twenty Feet

Posted By Debbie on April 19, 2011

I was just turned on to, a service that helps track your analytics. I’m trying it now, so I have no opinion yet. But I do have an opinion about the UI and site design.

If you’ve hung out around Brass Flowers for more than a few minutes, you know I’m tired of white space. I’m no fan of columns. And I’m no fan of sites that look like glorified WordPress templates; they are so similar that they are mostly bland and forgettable. The main difference in those tends to be whose logo is at the top.

Now check out Here is a screen shot of their home page (click to enlarge).

Fresh colour scheme. Fun giraffe character. People really connect to characters. This site passes my “thumb test.” Put your thumb over their logo. Whose site is it? It’s I’ve seen nothing else like it. The site is easy to read, easy to get around. Gender neutral. Everything is clear and intuitive. And they’re smart to use their character in other places. Here is a screen shot of part of another page (click to enlarge).

Twenty thumbs up to I rarely see sites that I feel are unique, warm, and will really connect with users. I hope more people will break out of columns and WordPress-theme styles.