Google Dictation’s Bad Kama

Posted By Debbie on October 22, 2013

Categories: Mobile

Tags: android, dictation, google, mobile

That’s not a typo.

I’m an Android fan girl. I admit it. I love Google’s dictation feature. I can hit a microphone button on my keyboard, and dictate usually about 2 sentences at a time into any app or screen. I can write emails, text messages, Facebook updates, fill out web forms… I love it and use it a lot.

When you speak, Google will show you one or more possibilities for what it thinks you said. You can pick one, cancel out, or try speaking again.

So if I said, “I’m going shopping for eggs comma coconut milk comma and yogurt,” (because I am freaking serious about my Oxford Comma), nearly all of Google’s choices will replace my comma punctuation mark with the made up word “kama.”

How does that happen, and how is that not fixed, even when reported on various Google product boards? I’m assuming the dictionary is crowd-sourced based on what people choose as the right/closest choice… because somewhere along the path of time, a comma became written out as “kama.”

Such a frustrating user experience. I either have to correct the commas, write without them, or, well there is no or. I’m not sending someone a sentence with “kama” sprinkled around it.

I look forward to when these dictionaries are specific to me and learning MY voice. If I say, “Comma,” you should write “,” only.