Happy New Year… And Our Happy New Name

Posted By Debbie on January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! May it be fun, happy, healthy, profitable, and with as little drama as possible.

2015 also launches our new identity. We’ve been “Brass Flowers” for years, and while we’re keeping that as our corporate, legal name, to the world, we shall be PtypeTM. Short for prototype.

Because so much of what we do… from UX work to Axure training… tends to revolve around clickable, interactive prototypes. The name just seemed like a great fit. It’s short, hopefully memorable, different from all the other agency names, and spelled just how it sounds. When you Google “Ptype,” you mostly get semi-conductors, which means I have the chance to make it a unique brand within the UX arena.

So I’m very excited about the new name and our new look! People really ran hot and cold with our old website, the one designed to look like an annotated wireframe. Some people loved it and some thought it was kooky and unprofessional. So with our cool new name comes a cool and more traditional web design, one that’s fully mobile responsive.

We’re very excited about what we have planned for 2015. Lots of Axure training both locally in SF and on-site for small and large companies and agencies. If you are interested in remote or on-site Axure training, please get in touch so we can schedule that.