Here’s A Coupon For An Unknown Amount!

Posted By Debbie on March 27, 2014

I tried Eat24 the other day mostly by mistake. I was home sick, looking at the menu of a local place we eat at with some frequency. I wanted lunch takeout. And it looked like they had just added online ordering! Good for them. Delicious place.

So I had my first Eat24 ordering experience. It went fine. No real complaints. But last week, I got a follow up email encouraging me to use them again. Here’s a screen shot of as much of the email as would fit on my 32″ monitor (I’d have to scroll down to see more, which I assumed were just boring terms and conditions). Click to enlarge.

eat24 email

OK. Two things struck me immediately.

  • What is this coupon for? I mean, how much do I get off and is there a minimum purchase?
  • When does it expire?

As a UX chick with plenty of toes dipped into marketing (and especially email marketing), I was really surprised that this info wasn’t clearly presented to me.

I was just about to go to the next email in my inbox when I scrolled down. This was at the very bottom of the email. Click to enlarge.


OK. So now I know I get $2 off if I order $10 or more. And the coupon is good for 14 days. Which is weird because I then noticed that the email subject line was, “Your Weekend Coupon.” Evidently it’s not my weekend coupon. It’s my next two weeks coupon. Whaaaaaa?

I’d suggest that this email be redesigned to be more compelling. What is my discount? Punch me in the face with exciting savings. I’ve got two whole weeks to use it? Good, that makes me more likely to keep it in my inbox to remind me to try to use it. Don’t hide these things in terms people are unlikely to read.

I also think you could eliminate a few inches of length in the email twice. First by putting 2 call to action buttons next to each other. Second by cutting the whole “how to use a coupon” section down to one sentence just letting me to know to enter the coupon code on the checkout page.

I do like how Eat24 will save orders and let you quickly re-order. I think that’s a great feature, and I like that the email reminds you of that. But I think this email could have been shorter, punchier, and more compelling with some changes.