How Do I Become A Certified Axure Professional?

Posted By Debbie on March 30, 2016

Some people like to get certificates for classes and workshops they take. We recently noticed one company we won’t name offering a workshop that will give you a “Certified Axure Professional” certificate.

We’re here to tell you we checked with Axure and not only does that certification not exist but Axure doesn’t allow ANYBODY to give that out.

Axure said it’s OK for us to give out something like a “Ptype Certificate of Completion” for our Axure workshops. So you CAN get a certificate if that helps or means anything. We can give you a certificate if you complete our training.

We just can’t call it an Axure something or make it sound like it’s anything officially Axure. We have to make it sound like it’s ours, which it is.

Buyer beware: there is no such thing as a Certified Axure Professional. Don’t pay to get “certified” (by mystery people) or put that on your resume. It’s not really a thing.