How Do You Gather People Together?

Posted By Debbie on June 11, 2018

How do you gather people together? You and some of your friends want to go on a hike. How do you coordinate that? You have lots of options…

  • Facebook post
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook event
  • Email
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Signal
  • Telegram
  • Semaphor
  • Discord
  • Slack
  • HipChat/Stride
  • Twist
  • Trello board

And probably more. So how do you do it?

And where are your pain points?

Do you have a problem choosing where to hike? Deciding who is driving there and who is carpooling? Maybe deciding where to eat later? Has this been a problematic process, full of pain points?

I would think it is given the number of startups I have been seeing for years that all fit into this bucket.

We help [group of people] coordinate [doing the thing they like to do together].

I have seen, “Our app will help a group of friends find a bar to go drinking in.” Oh! For that, they’d also have Google Maps, Yelp, MapQuest if that still exists, FourSquare if that still exists, and if you’re creative, TripAdvisor.

I’ve seen, “Our app will help surfers decide where to surf and how they will carpool there.”

I’ve seen others but you get the idea. And so far, none have really taken off. Nobody has said to me, “Hey, let’s go hiking, and you have to download this app just to coordinate the plans with us.” That seems like a lot of ask of someone.

People forget the “weight” of downloading an app.

I have to find it and download it. I have to be OK with the wacky set of permissions it wants on my phone. It wants to read my SMS messages and my phone calls? My camera? Umm….

People forget how little I will use this app. How often do you hike, surf, go out drinking, etc… Maybe you do these things once a week as a big, coordinated event (as opposed to hey, let’s just go to a bar). But it takes up space on my phone. It might be running in the background, waiting for a friend to start coordinating something.

Maybe you feel passively about coordinating these things. You’re waiting for everybody else to decide, and then you’ll see if you feel like going. So an app setting off notifications (or the feeling you’re missing out if you turn off notifications) won’t be a match for everybody.

Startups, have us do User Research.

It may be tough love, but we will talk to these potential and target customers. We’ll find out how they gather people together now. Where are the pain points? Problems? Struggles? And where are the opportunities to improve this process?

Who are the different personas here? Some will be leaders. Some will be more passive. We’ll create personas and help get everybody focused on the real target customers.

Is an app the right thing? Or could this be done in some other way?

Should this even exist? If we interview people and they are all happy with their process, tools, and systems, then there really is no opportunity for you to create something relating to this. But perhaps we can learn where there are pain points and you will be able to pivot before making a mistake.

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