How Does It Take Days Or Weeks To Remove Me From An Email Mailing List?

Posted By Debbie on May 30, 2014


This happened. How? Why? Which part of “unsubscribe me” makes it sound like I want to be on this list for 10 more days?

How is it that your email system doesn’t email who’s on your list when it’s time to send? Does that mean your email list is sending to people who opted out and NOT sending to people who recently joined?

Does it take ten days to get on the list? I don’t know. I didn’t sign up for this list. I was being spammed. But I bet it doesn’t take 10 days to join the list.

Unsubscribes should be immediate. And you should never put someone on a mailing list unless they opted into YOUR list. Buying a list off a friend doesn’t mean those people want to hear from you. They might not even want to hear from your friend.