How Long Should Emailing A Gift Card Take?

Posted By Debbie on Aug 31, 2011 in Business, UX/UI

On 1 July, I ordered a Nook gift card for the project manager on my consulting gig. Happy Birthday! I figured that since I chose the emailed version, he’d get it right away. I was ordering it last minute… 1 July was his birthday, and the day I wanted him to get it.

After I placed my order, this was part of my confirmation screen:

I couldn’t believe that I might possibly be a week late with his birthday present because B&N might not get it together to just email him the gift card. I emailed customer service, who seemed to set things right, and he got it a few hours later. But I was really surprised at the idea that their website thought they might need 3 business days (nearly a calendar week) to email someone an emailed gift card.

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