How Many Forms Should Be On Your Contact Page? One.

Posted By Debbie on February 21, 2018

Categories: Marketing, UX/UI

Tags: contact us, forms

I was recently doing a UX Optimization Report for someone. When I got to his contact page, he had one form for each type of inquiry you might have.

Contact me for X reason, separate form for contacting him for Y reason. That might seem like a better way for YOU to stay organized, but is it better for the user? Hmmm, which form do I use? Do I need to fill out both? Hey this page is long.

Conditional Logic

Upgrade your forms to something with conditional logic. Whether you can build the form on your site or use a survey system (I’m using SurveyGizmo), use conditional logic.

That way, I can have a question on my form like this:

I can then use my system to write conditional logic on that question. Some of those checkboxes lead to a follow up question. Some don’t. And I don’t want to do a paper-form approach like, “IF you’re interested in our UX training, then please answer this question.” We can do better.

Consider form length.

Our form is a little longer than name, email, comments. But when people fill it out, I have enough info to write them back a very intelligent and relevant response. 🙂 When I used to have a shorter form, I got way less information. I then had to write back with, “Well, can you please tell me more about where you are, when the training would be, and how many people? What level is everybody at?”

Now, I ask those things but I have done my best to design a form that is easy and fast to fill out. Yes, it’s more questions but the extra questions are short like how many people need training. Type a number and you can move on.

I’ve also made many fields optional. If people really want to take the fast route on my form, they can.

And you have a way out.

For those who don’t want to fill out a form, my contact page starts with my email address and phone number. But I find that many people do fill out the form. I can then answer quickly and completely since I get way more of the story.

And only ONE form to fill out no matter why you are contacting Ptype.