How Not To Measure A Woman

Posted By Debbie on September 11, 2014

A few months ago, I was at an event. Interesting, I was at the Ms Senior New Jersey pageant cheering on someone I consider my “replacement Mom.” She’s a powerhouse!

Through the pageant and programme, we got to know each woman. There were only about a dozen competing. Every woman was an interesting woman who had an interesting life, career, and serious passions that drive her every day.

But one thing the pageant host, a former Ms Senior something, said really bothered me. She was trying to fill time, and wanted to take a moment to talk about how great these women were. Sure, OK.

“These women have accomplished so much!!!” she said. Within a fraction of a second, I was in my mind agreeing. Yes, there are wonderful volunteers, doctors, and strong people on the stage.

In her next breath, she completed that thought with, “They have children AND grandchildren!”

I was not happy. That’s it? You have educated, accomplished women who are changing people’s lives, and the best thing you can think of to say about them is that they have squeezed people out of them? Newsflash, that’s not a major accomplishment. Lots of people do that daily!

I’m hoping that this way of thinking is generational and that younger generations, including my own, will look at people more as a whole human. I hope we will measure accomplishments by real accomplishments rather than having been a parent. I hear being a parent is hard. I’m not saying it’s easy. But I’m saying it’s not how we should measure someone, especially a woman.

A woman is SO much more than a mother or grandmother. None of the women competing for Ms Senior New Jersey were slouches. They all had interesting lives, careers, and hobbies. Let’s not boil people down to one thing.

Sorry, this bugged me!