How To Connect With Me On LinkedIn

Posted By Debbie on February 23, 2018

You’d think that doesn’t need a how-to… I get a lot of connection requests from people I don’t know. I’m not an “open networker.” I believe your LinkedIn connections should be people you really know and at least mostly trust.

I’ve been in job interviews where people were “impressed” by someone I was connected to. I’ve been in job interviews where they noticed I was connected to a few people they knew… they wanted to know more about how I knew them.

If you add randoms, there exists the possibility that these randoms work against you when potential partners, connections, or hiring managers dig in deeper. I add people carefully and I remove people if they prove themselves to be not so good.

Because you wouldn’t want to be seen at a cocktail party hanging out with the guy everybody knows is a jerk.

That’s why.

That means when you add me on LinkedIn, unless we JUST met and I know why you’re adding me, please include a blurb.

Are you a recruiter adding me? Tell me about the job you have. I don’t add every recruiter.

Are you a friend of a friend? Why are you adding me? Do we make sense in each other’s networks?

Are you my competitor? I’d really love to know why you’re adding me.

Imagine we’re networking in real life. Tell me more.

How can I help you? How can you help me? Let’s connect! 🙂