How To Get People In Or Out Of Your Facebook Ticker

Posted By Debbie on Oct 12, 2011 in Social Media

I think I may have stumbled on the answer! The pot of gold! After all this time, wondering how the heck to get people I REALLY like out of the damn ticker! I couldn’t believe how many interesting and important posts I was missing. Yes, that’s not sarcastic. I keep my friends list small, and I care about everybody on it.

And I couldn’t figure out how Facebook decided that this guy’s posts would be in the ticker, but this would be in my main stream… or that something was in the ticker, and then 20 minutes later was in my main news feed. Infuriating, especially to a UX person looking for the logical way this was set up OR the intuitive spot where I get to control it.

I just noticed this when I clicked on the down arrow to the right of a post:

I am not swearing this is the solution since I haven’t messed with it long enough. But this SHOULD be the solution.

Right now, Tony is marked as “most updates.” This means that sometimes, he’s in the ticker, and sometimes, he’s in my main feed. I do NOT understand the “important” ones. Who determines that? I don’t remember a spot where I could mark a Facebook post as important (to me). I’m also not sure what marking something as a top story means. If I’m already looking at it, I don’t need it re-ordered.

Yes, I still wish the Facebook news feed were just chronological. That’s how I think. I don’t think “important friends first” or “popular posts first.” A post with lots of likes may not be the one I find most important. I’m me! I’m unique! 🙂

I then found something similar but even more nitty gritty granular when you mouse over Subscribe on someone’s profile page. Dear Facebook, why all the Easter Eggs?

So it looks like here, I can go a bit more wild, and decide exactly what I want to see from someone.

Even under the “old Facebook,” I managed to miss a few pregnancies, a few hospitalisations, and a few deaths. I just didn’t notice 1 or 2 posts where this was mentioned, and then I’m way out of the loop. So Facebook now hiding stuff in the ticker is killing me, especially since ONLY what’s in my main news feed seems to be what comes through apps like Hootsuite and FriendCaster.

I hope this will help me get my fave people back 100% in my stream, and the rest can hang in the ticker. But I shouldn’t have to guess. Good interfaces are intuitive.

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