I Almost Wish There Were A National Marketing Database

Posted By Debbie on May 17, 2013


Because I bet everybody out there gets ads and emails that make NO sense for who we are and what surrounds us.

I have no children. Don’t send me Back To School specials.

I have no parents. Don’t send me Mothers or Fathers Day stuff.

My dog died in 2010. Don’t send me doggie health insurance stuff.

I don’t believe in diamond engagement rings. I hope nobody buys me one. Don’t push me ads for engagement rings because you know I’m in a serious long term relationship.

I don’t buy girly shoes or pocketbooks. Don’t push me ads for those.

I don’t own a home. Don’t push me ads for refinancing or avoiding foreclosure.

I’d think that some online database about me might know things from what I DON’T search or buy. Like hey, this is a 41 yr old woman who has never searched for anything with the word “engagement” or “wedding” in it. Never shopped for children’s clothing or toys. Has never searched for anything including “pregnancy” or “prenatal.” Stopped sending Mothers Day flowers some years ago. Has never shopped online for Fathers Day. Has never searched for anything including “purse,” “handbag,” “pocketbook,” “heels,” “pumps,” “stilettos,” or “Blahnik.”

I almost wish there were a national marketing database. I’d love to not get ads that have nothing to do with my life. And advertisers would probably love to focus on people likely to buy from them.