I Guess I’m Back On Twitter

Posted By Debbie on September 8, 2011

I started on Twitter in 2008. By early 2010, I felt pretty done. I couldn’t stand all the one-way conversations, and the lack of linear discussion. I didn’t like how I had NO idea if anybody was talking to or about me without doing searches or hitting refresh all day. I pushed my blog posts to my accounts, and stopped reading.

Fast forward to now (September 2011). I’m checking Twitter again now for a few reasons. But first, let’s look at what the other social media and networking spaces mean for me.

  • Facebook is where I’m connected to friends I know. I don’t use it for business. I use Facebook business pages for business. But my personal account is very personal, and I keep my friends list relatively low. So my Facebook news feed is mostly updates from people I know and like. It’s the answer to, “Hey, how are ya today?”
  • I used LinkedIn a lot for biz. I try to connect with interesting people I meet at events as well as potential and current clients. I don’t read the LinkedIn stream since most of us are just sending our Twitter over there.
  • I joined Google+ pretty much right when they started accepting real humans. I like it a lot, but so far, it’s mostly people talking about Google+. Major snooze. Not much going on there yet.

And then there’s Twitter. OK, it now emails me if someone mentions me. So does my Postling.com account. Twitter is a place where I can listen to people I know, don’t know, like, or don’t like making short commentary. I follow a lot of recruiters and potential jobs there, and I can’t get those people anywhere else. I only follow people I’m interested in. I create lists to check out what some people are saying without them knowing I’m “following,” which is a neat feature, especially to keep an eye on competitors. It’s very searchable, so it’s easier (nowadays) for me to pull out just what I’m interested in… which isn’t much.

Another thing Twitter is great at is capturing the in-the-moment at an event. With hashtags, I can easily follow what’s going on relating to one topic, and filter out (most of the) garbage. It’s especially useful at conferences, and especially when they do hashtags for individual sessions.

So I guess you can find me on Twitter as brassflowers, of course.