I Need Google Navigation To Do This

Posted By Debbie on May 20, 2015

I ride a motorcycle. I have a Sena bluetooth system in my helmet. It’s connected to my Android phone. Sometimes I have Google Maps telling me where to go. That’s very handy.

Until Google says something like, “Faster route found! Tap to choose this new route,” or whatever she says.

I can’t tap anything. I have gloves on and am driving a motorcycle probably a good seventy-something miles an hour.

My helmet bluetooth system has a microphone (though I don’t make calls on it). I could SAY, “new route,” or, “yes, please,” or give a voice response to things. But I can’t tap anything. That means I get the old crappy route because I couldn’t tap.

I also need Google nav to do two more things for me in my moto-riding, bluetooth helmet scenario.

Read the street address out loud when my destination is within a few blocks. Right now, she says the destination is coming up on the right. OK, but what number is it? I forgot. I’ve been driving an hour and forgot the house or building number. SAY IT.

Remind me how much time until I’ll reach my destination. Did you find new traffic? Did traffic lighten up? When I’m on the moto, I’d like an update every say 5 or 10 minutes about how many minutes until I reach my destination. That way, I can relax if traffic has eased up or just stay on top of when I might get somewhere.

Can someone please do these things? They might be good ideas for bluetooth users not riding motorcycles too.