I’m One Of The First Google Helpouts Trainers

Posted By Debbie on November 5, 2013

Google Helpouts goes live today, and I’m very proud to say that I was selected to be one of the first trainers / providers.

What’s a Google Helpout?

Like their website says, Helpouts are a place to, well, get help! Using the Google Hangout system, trainer and trainee will be in a live video call. Tools like screen sharing, remote desktop, and Google Drive help out. Learn computers, guitar, cooking, take a yoga session, and more… all through Google Helpouts.

We get to decide if Helpouts are paid or free. I am starting out with free Helpouts for two reasons. One, get some students and hopefully good ratings. Two, see what kind of demand my sessions have and how much time they’re taking. Then determine what it makes sense to charge, if anything.

And at the end of your session, you get to rate your instructor. Great ratings help in Helpouts search of course, so be generous and honest. 🙂

Google Interviewed Me Personally For Each Submitted Helpout

Before you think that Google gave power to a bunch of randoms to teach things they may barely know, please know that’s not the case. Every time I submitted a Helpout, I had to schedule a video chat with a Google staffer. He asked about my background. Education. Qualifications. Achievements or awards. Do I blog on this topic. How long have I been at this.

They even consider if you are “camera friendly” and what your background is. He did NOT like the background in one of the conference rooms at my then day job. And he thought my built-in webcam was blurry. I’m happy to improve those things.

Anybody trying to list under the Health category is getting even way way more scrutiny. So I think Google is trying their best to do this right and only give you friendly, helpful people who are advanced in their field.

That being said, I’ve already found one douchebag troll idiot who is a provider. I don’t want to name names, so for now, I’ll just say don’t be afraid to leave a douchebag a bad rating. Hopefully that’ll help weed bad apples out. So far, he’s been a douchebag around the private Google Plus community Google set up for trainers. 1 jerk out of 530+ people in there is still pretty good. 🙂

What Are My Helpouts?

I’m starting with three. Photoshop (mostly aimed at beginners), Axure (aimed at anybody who wants to learn Axure), and Android devices (aimed at anybody who has one or is thinking of getting one, and might need help learning the tips and tricks of mastering Android). I had a fourth one where I wanted to do another thing I help people with in real life… rewriting their online dating profiles. But Google rejected that for now. I don’t think they had a good place for it among categories, and I wonder if they felt it was getting into a “personal counselling area,” though I don’t mean for it to be. Oh well! Three’s a great start!

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Come check them out, and schedule some time with me if you need help!