I’m One Of Facebook’s 5%

Posted By Debbie on October 7, 2010

Facebook announced yesterday the coming of “Groups.” The idea jumps off of their “Friends List” feature. Facebook said only 5% of people are using Friends Lists; they want to create something everybody will use because they find it so easy to use.

I use Friends Lists. For those who don’t know, you can create lists of friends. You can adjust what those lists can and can’t see. For example, I could have a list of business associates, and mark them as not being able to see my photos or videos. Remember the padlock next to where you post? You can click on that and decide which group(s) can see your post. In theory, you could write something on your Facebook wall that only a subset of your Facebook friends would see.

I’m using that. I think that’s a great idea. But it’s cumbersome to keep up right now. If I wanted only certain people to see one of my posts now, I have to click who sees it. That brings up a window asking who sees it, and the choices are quite general rather than being my custom friends lists:

To try to narrow down by groups, I have to click “custom.” I then get this window:

In the “hide” area, I can pick individual people, or start typing the name of the group. So I have to remember the name of my group; there is no pull down menu or check box. There is no place to say this post is JUST for my business colleagues group. I have to say it’s for friends EXCEPT these other groups, which assumes you’ve put all of your friends into groups. I may not have.

Hopefully, the new incarnation will be a no-brainer, and make that faster and easier. I had stopped accepting many people asking for Facebook friendship because they were business colleagues. My Facebook is very personal. But if I can have better control over who sees what, then this helps personal and business goals.