Interesting But Inconsistent Website Design and Personality

Posted By Debbie on April 28, 2011

It all started with a weird little Facebook ad asking me if I wanted to work for a game developer in Germany. The job was in Germany.

Well, no and no, but I wanted to click to see where it would go. Before I show you that, let me show you the home page of this company, as I screen shot it that day (click to enlarge):

That’s a familiar website and home page design. I call it “glorified WordPress template.” You see it a lot, and it can be very effective with messaging. It often is lacking a bit in the mood, personality, and uniqueness departments. But you do get the message of what this company is about.

The Facebook ad actually clicked through to this page. Definitely click to enlarge:

What a totally happy world! What a unique page. Don’t you sort of want to work there now? Berlin is evidently a land of happy cartoon clouds and lots of grass! OK, maybe not totally, but this does really make an impression. A positive one. Stuck with me! It was after seeing this that I backed up to the company home page, and saw the purple and white page above. That suddenly felt drab, undesigned, uninspired.

I think you have to live what you do. If you’re a gaming company, there is no reason to have a website that looks nearly identical to a website that might be for a doctor’s office. Or an eCommerce shopping cart. Or a hotel. Your business builds worlds people love to explore. Your website should be a world I’d love to explore.