The Internet Makes The World Microscopic

Posted By Debbie on March 17, 2014

Around 2003, a musician I had admired (who I won’t name but will call PJ) joined a discussion forum I run for the band he was in. Wow, what an honour, right? The guy you’re talking about wants to join the conversation! This was big.

We also started emailing outside of the forum. Again, what an honour. I’ve thought the world of this guy for so long, and here he is! In my email inbox! This wouldn’t have happened in the pre-internet days!

Within months, his emails were shall we say pretty uncool. He’s not at all a well cat, and his emails made him come across as controlling, combative, narcissistic, and somewhat unsafe. He lived on the other side of the world, so I didn’t think he’d ever come after me.

But more and more, he came after me online, taking very personal shots at me in the forum and any place online he thought he could get my attention. He even showed up to websites where my business was entered in a contest, and would write crap about me where you could rate the business for the contest. He went on the music discussion forum and took shots at people who were his fans. Some of them left the forum, hurt by him.

WTF? I quickly had to separate my musical respect for him from my complete and strong dislike for who he was as a person.

Fast Forward To Today

On Facebook, I’m “Friends” with another producer/musician that it’s fair to say I idolise. He wasn’t running a Facebook page… he had everybody interested friend him. Well, I’m interested, so we’re friends. I read everything he posts. I figured he’s reading nothing I’ve posted these years we’re “friends.” Never saw him LIKE anything or comment.

Until this weekend. I posted that I was curious to watch the new TV show, “The Bible Rules.” It won’t change how I view things, but I’m interested in how it presents things the Bible “commands” people to do (yet most modern religious people don’t do ANY of these things). I’m curious to see what info they present and how they present it. I’m curious if “religious” or “Christian” people will see their own hypocrisy in picking and choosing what things in the Bible they believe in or do.

I posted that. This famous dude commented! He said I should delete my post because TV shows like that are for infantile people.

It’s a very small world when someone who has shaped so much of the music that has shaped me thinks I have a shitty idea for an hour of TV I plan to watch. And feels the need to tell me that! WOW!

I’m honoured he chose to respond. I wonder if he is responding to other people posting about TV shows or movies they want to watch. I wonder if someone posts a belief or political leaning he’s against if he responds to it. I wonder what is it about my post that made him respond… because I post a lot about a lot, and he’s never before responded.

He has 4,650 Facebook friends. And he saw my post. Wow. Small world. Has he seen any of my other posts? No idea. Did he agree with them? No idea. And I still idolise the work he has done (and still does). Plus his Facebook posts and ideas are rather cool.

The internet has made the world microscopic. And immediate.