Intuit Asks How You Feel About Being Spammed

Posted By Debbie on April 22, 2015

Here’s a question to which we kinda already know the answer:

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I was asked this when I unsubscribed for an Intuit mailing list I hadn’t signed up for. I did start using QuickBooks online, which I’m mostly liking (despite my insane problems with their payroll service and cancelling it… including having to cancel payroll when I hadn’t signed up for it). But I certainly wouldn’t have opted into any mailing list. Nothing QB wants to tell me is worth an email.

The email was some big scary thing warning me that my Quickbooks needs a tune up. You mean you created a product that doesn’t just keep getting better? I have to stop, call you, and “tune it up”? Or are you just trying to get me to call so you can sell me something?

The whole thing seemed really dirty and not genuine. Thing 1, crappy marketing. Thing 2, I didn’t want your emails.

OK, but how do you FEEL about receiving emails when you didn’t sign up to get emails?

Thanks for asking. Not sure what marketing person insisted that you ask people that, especially once they’re unsubscribing. We can pretty much guess what the UNSUBSCRIBING people think.

What do the people who stay on the mailing list think? Are they just deleting it? Are they happy to get these?

“I am so glad that company I bought from put me on their email mailing list without my opt-in permission to do so,” said no-one ever.

There you go, Quickbooks marketing department. I just saved you a lot of time in running and analysing a survey. Plus all the meetings you’ll then hold about the survey and what to do next.