Kama and i

Posted By Debbie on May 15, 2014

I can’t wait until the Google dictation software built into Android starts adaptively learning based on what I say and type, not based on what everybody who uses Android says and types.

I love Android. In a big way. I love talking to Google and having it type stuff. But I’m doing that less and less because what it gives me back is so ridiculous. It should know better.

I dictate punctuation.

When speaking into my Android devices comma I like to use good punctuation period It’s important to look as clever as I sound exclamation point

The problem is that from crowdsourcing from I don’t know where, saying comma normally gives you “kama” and “I” in the middle of a sentence gives you one, sad, lone lower case i.

How? How does that even happen? How many people are saying “comma” and actually mean “kama” when dictating in English? How many people say “I” and mean a lower case i?

I hope Google will hurry up and fix this. It’s embarrassing.