Learn Axure 8 in Two Days From Ptype

Posted By Debbie on April 18, 2016

Hey there! Friday was exciting, wasn’t it? Axure released version 8 after about 8 months in beta. Whew! Super congrats to them on the new launch.

Which means it’s time to learn Axure 8, even if this will be the first time you see Axure.

We have created our own training curriculum that will teach you beginner, intermediate, and some advanced skills and techniques over two days. We call this the Core Skills class. Our third day is optional and it focuses on prototyping for what will look like a native mobile app.

No, we don’t understand trainers who teach the hardest-to-learn and least-often-used features on day one of their training. There are so many beginner and intermediate things to learn first! Each trainer gets to create his or her own curriculum. These plans don’t come from Axure, so our awesome and unique training approach is part of our charm and popularity.

Yes, we give certificates at the end of our classes to those who want them.

We offer Axure training four different ways:

  • Live at your location. We fly or motorcycle in and teach your team.
  • Live workshops. These are mostly given in San Francisco. Fly in or head over for some intensive but awesome training days.
  • Live, remote training. This can be just for you individually or for your team.
  • Video courses, which we will have a BIG announcement about very soon. Our Axure 8 video class launches at the end of April so watch for that news!