Learning From Surveys: My Axure Meetup

Posted By Debbie on May 9, 2016

Our Bay Area Axure Meetup has over 200 members. I’m proud of that! But for some reason, meetups have very low turnouts even though I try to make them relevant, cool, and not too frequent.

I decided to put on a User Research hat and send out a 2-question survey asking people who can’t go to our most recent Meetup why not. I’m curious if it’s mostly schedule conflicts or something else.

Just Two Questions

The first was why you can’t come to the Meetup. You could pick “yes” or “kinda sorta” for a few pre-written options. Or choose “other” and write in your own.

The second question was a freeform response on why you joined the meetup group and what you hope to get from it. Helps me understand expectations.

I got back a survey response so interesting I had to share it.

Survey responses were anonymous so I have NO idea who this person is. He or she is one of the nearly 200 people who did not come to the most recent Meetup.

ScreenHunter_243 Apr. 28 11.16

If I’m reading this correctly…

  • This person has joined a meetup group but has had bad experiences with “mass meetings,” and mostly finds them a waste of time. Perhaps Meetup isn’t the right place for someone who doesn’t like mass meetings?
  • This person kinda doesn’t care about Axure but has joined the Axure meetup.
  • This person wants to learn more about Axure, even though he/she doesn’t care that much about it, and hopes to get more info on it.

How do I make that person happy?

I’d love to help that person get more info on Axure. You want more info on Axure and I have that info! But you kinda sorta don’t care about Axure. Hmmm….

You could come to our meetup! Oh, you don’t want to come to meetups as they might be a waste of time.

Just a reminder that we can’t make all of our customers happy. I probably cannot meet the expectations of a meetup member who doesn’t like or trust “mass meetings.”

Luckily, other survey answers showed that people mostly just couldn’t make that particular night and it was nothing against Axure or Meetups. 🙂