LinkedIn Knows Things and Tells Your Co-Workers

Posted By Debbie on May 1, 2018

I read my LinkedIn news feed daily, sometimes more than once a day. I rarely read the articles as many don’t interest me or are just company announcements.

I was contracting at Macy’s at the time, which LinkedIn knew, and started noticing how many articles it was pushing me that were “popular with employees at Macy’s.”

Let’s look at some.

OK, I get it.

I stopped screen shotting after 2 but there were many more. They were about toxic workplaces, interviewing when you have a job, you have a job offer – should you keep interviewing, etc.

Did LinkedIn determine people are into these articles from their reads? From likes? Shares? I’m not sure.

But LinkedIn is aggregating behavior and spitting it back to me as a “fellow employee.” Perhaps someone assumed that the articles that would be pushed using this method would be industry-relevant. Compelling. Exciting. In the moment.

Did any UX practitioner at LinkedIn imagine that I would be pushed a bunch of articles that imply that people are unhappy at the company?