Looking for Lead UX Freelancers with Axure

Posted By Debbie on January 7, 2019

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Happy 2019! I think it’s going to be a time for Ptype to grow. So I’d like to get to know more potential Ptype-ers! We specialize in full-service UX strategy, design, and consulting for companies and projects of all sizes. I also have visual designers and UX front end devs on the team. But we’re growing and looking for new people.

I look for freelancers because I can’t promise X hours of work per week, week after work. Like any agency, our projects appear randomly and often last for months.

Here’s what we’re looking for.

  • Lead-level (or higher) UX specialists. We don’t really do the hybrid UX/UI thing over here. Ptype plays to people’s main talents and strengths. If your main strengths are empathy, problem solving, seeing possible outcomes, architecture, a good knowledge of cognitive psych, and not visual design, that sounds great!
  • Years of experience. Our clients often have complex SaaS and eCommerce systems. We prefer 10+ years of experience but 6+ would be great, especially if you show a varied portfolio and/or agency work.
  • Most of our projects are mobile responsive website projects. We are also wild about accessibility; it’s the right thing to do, it makes things better for everybody, and it’s the law in many countries (including the USA as of Jan 2018).
  • You have to mostly-like using Axure version 8 at at least an intermediate level. Ptype is short for Prototype, and we prototype for every project. We go for realism with lots of the complexity that Axure is capable of. We dig Axure and hope you do too! Need help in some areas? Don’t worry. Our CEO is recommended by Axure as a trainer.
  • You can be anywhere on any time zone. We’re American, British, and Italians in the USA, UK, and Italy. We’d prefer that you have experience working remotely and all of the solid communication that goes with that. Fluent in English, please.
  • Someone who doesn’t mind being a freelancer. We are currently not offering any full time jobs or benefits. Project work appears when it appears, and we’ll need to assemble the right team.

Think this sounds like you? Please fill out our application!