I Love Samsung Pay

Posted By Debbie on September 5, 2017

Categories: Software

Tags: NFC, Samsung Pay

I admit it. I love Samsung Pay. Many of you already know I’m an Android fangirl. But I haven’t tried Android Pay because I refuse to unlock my phone 500 times a day with a PIN, password, thumbprint, or finger sliding adventure. That slows me down too much.

Samsung Pay is mostly like any other NFC-based payment system with one huge exception. Samsung bought a company that figured out how to make a phone “tell” a standard credit card swiping reader that is had read a card. I can hold my phone near the swipe area of a terminal that doesn’t take NFC payments and still have that terminal “think” it ran a card.

I’ve been mansplained over it when some guy thought he would SAVE me from making a fool of myself by trying to pay for a food truck that way. I’ve had shop workers say, “Wow, I didn’t think we took Apple Pay.” “You don’t. This is Samsung Pay.”

Even if you’re an Apple fan, find someone who loves his or her Samsung phone and check it out. Anywhere the swiping is exposed (ie: NOT a gas station), watch it in action.

It has some other nice features like I can hold my phone when the screen is off, swipe the screen in a certain direction, and I go right into Samsung Pay, ready to pay with one of my cards. I still need to fingerprint or PIN to pay, but I’m right there.

Downside: it’s not available in every country. And not available with any card. Samsung is slowly making deals with different cards and banks for inclusion. I can put my American Express in and my Wells Fargo personal ATM debit Visa but not my Barclay American Airlines Mastercard.