Lyft Keeps Raising Their Hourly Pay

Posted By Debbie on November 9, 2012

I recently wrote about the Facebook ads I was seeing from collaborative consumption driving service Lyft. The real point of that post was to look at Lyft’s application form, which I found bizarre.

But during that blog post, I also pointed out the first set of ads I saw said Lyft was paying $18/hr. The second set of ads I saw said $20+ per hour. I was just shown another ad.

$22/hr. Is Lyft having a hard time attracting drivers? And if so, do they think the biggest obstacle is rate of pay? I still think it’s safety. I still think they should partner with my startup. 🙂 We can help with the safety piece.

Should we wager on what rate of pay I see in 2 weeks in Lyft Facebook ads? $23? Do I hear $24/hr?