Meaningless Buzzword: Industry Leader

Posted By Debbie on January 20, 2012

Industry Leader. That’s a pretty big term to throw around! So it can be a surprise when you see someone use it to refer to himself, and the rest of what you can find out about him doesn’t really match that. It’s especially funky when there is no clarification as to what industry this dude claims to lead.

And you’ve never heard of him.

When I say “industry leader,” who do you think of? Some pretty big players in some pretty big industries, right? Keep thinking. Who else do you think of?

What about you? Are you a leader of any industry? Marketing genius Seth Godin says to find something you can say you’re the best in the world at. So we should all be leaders of something and number one in the world at something we do. What’s yours?

I AM an industry leader. 🙂 It may be an industry you don’t care about. But I’m still at the top of it! I invented eBay consulting, eBay listing design, and using UX principles in eBay listings. I’m the industry leader there. And what’s cooler is that if you Google me, you’re going to find things that back that up. Which means I don’t have to work too hard to tell you that because you can easily find out that it just IS.

I saw a LinkedIn profile where a guy called himself an industry leader, but didn’t say what industry or how he leads it. I hope nobody is falling for it.