Men On Dating Sites: Try Reading

Posted By Debbie on February 25, 2013

I’ve recently been poking around an online dating site. No, I’m not single. I’m wildly happy with Mr Right, and we’re moving into a rental house together soon.

I had a job interview at a dating site about a month ago, and they wanted me to get to know the site. So I am. Yes, I told my boyfriend. Yes, I made it REALLY clear in my profile that I’m taken, I’m happy, and I’m only there to check the site out for a job interview with the company.

That hasn’t stopped men from sending me messages through the site. Clearly these are non-readers. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say they would be crappy boyfriends. If you are not going to read ONE single sentence I put on my dating profile (and EVERY sentence says I’m not looking to date and I’m just there to get to know the site for a job interview), then what kind of boyfriend will you be? Attentive? Caring? Supportive?

And worse than that…

Worse than that is that nearly every message these guys have sent me have ONE cheesy line. It’s not like, “Hi, I’m Steve. I saw your profile and liked that we both like New Wave music.” It’s just one cheese line like, “I think I found the angel I want to be touched by,” or “I lost my phone number. Can I get yours?”

Does that actually work anywhere? Does it work in a bar? Does it work in online dating? Have you ever been impressed and swept off your feet by a guy who opened up with one of these?

It’s hard to not rip these guys a new one. I was able to control myself enough to only write two of the 30 I got back and say are you f’ing kidding me? Does anybody fall for that crap, and why write me if you haven’t read a word of my profile!

So happy to not be on dating sites anymore. So happy I found the guy who’s perfect for me. Ugh to everybody else still wading through these dudes!