MightyText Says: If You Want An Answer To Your Question, Just Let Us Know

Posted By Debbie on July 14, 2014

I tried MightText what feels like a year or two ago. I didn’t like it and uninstalled. Fast forward to July 2014 and my Facebook friends are raving about MightyText. It’s like if you are not using this, you are a freaking loser. Fine, I’ll try it again.

My first problem was that I ended up in a bad web reload loop in Chrome. I was able to Google the problem, see that it’s a known issue, and navigate the handful of things I had to do to get out of that. I understand that you need a third party domain OK’ed but I would NOT suggest that every Chrome user OK EVERY third party domain! We should just OK yours. Why open Chrome users up to malicious crap just so we can use MightyText?

I ran into another problem. Every few minutes, my Chrome browser would open a new tab with MightyText. I didn’t want that. Not even close. I wanted to only go into MightyText when I wanted. I Googled to try to find the fix to this, and couldn’t find anything about not having it sync automatically (unless it’s paid) nor could I find anything about Chrome tabs randomly opening.

I had enough frustration and decided to uninstall this again. I feel kinda done. The people raving about it, you go and enjoy. I’m not having a problem managing text messages on my rather awesome phone.

Then, MightyText emailed me because I went dormant for a few days

It only took a few days until I got this canned email:

ScreenHunter_98 Jul. 12 11.18

They’d love to hear from me and it’s not a no-reply email, so OK, I’ll tell you what went wrong for me.

ScreenHunter_99 Jul. 12 11.19

What did I think would happen next?

I thought MightyText would want to try to retain me as a customer, and would tell me how to fix that. Even though I’m making it clear that I feel done with them, there’s almost always a chance to save a relationship. Even if they had said HEY here is how you fix that, and if you don’t give us another chance, we understand.

But this is what I got back:

ScreenHunter_100 Jul. 12 11.20

Hmmmm, in the time someone took to reply that, they could have just given me the solution. Instead, the steak is dangling out there, and would I like to get a solution to that? Would I? We will wait until we hear from you that you’d like a solution to that because it wouldn’t make sense for us to be proactively helpful.

It made me comically wonder if every time someone writes in for support, do they write back and say, “Great question. Did you want an answer to that?”

So I replied.

ScreenHunter_101 Jul. 12 11.22

And I got a reply back!

ScreenHunter_102 Jul. 12 11.23

Sorry I didn’t answer your question by asking if you wanted an answer to your question. Because asking if you want a solution IS offering help, and you are not appreciating that! I’m now also sorry that you were frustrated that I didn’t respond to your original problem by asking if you wanted a response to your problem. I’m very sensitive! I know sometimes people just express themselves to be heard and sometimes they want advice. You wouldn’t want to give advice to the person just looking to feel heard. We studied psychology.

I can only say that I would use every uninstall and every comment as an opportunity to do better. If they know about my issue and have a solution, blog about it, FAQ about it, get it somewhere so the next person who Googles will find it. And even when people tell me they are angry or uninstalling (or uninstalled), I always think of them as someone who might come back… so I should just keep giving the best support I can. You uninstalled because of X? Well, here is what to do about X, and we hope you’ll give us another try.

Because word gets around.

I’m always hoping that someone who didn’t like my app and uninstalled it will still think well of our service and care. Perhaps they’ll tell a friend it wasn’t right for them but hey, friend, you should try it. They did try to help me and their support was fast.

You always have a chance to leave a good impression, even on a sale you may have lost. Are you taking those chances or letting them pass you by?