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Categories: Mobile, UX/UI

Tags: alerts, badges, TripIt

I’m a superfan of TripIt. I pay for the Pro version. I highly suggest it for your travels. But there are some aspects of their app UX that remind me to blog about badges, alerts, and clearing them. TripIt’s desktop interface deserves another blog post. I have 3 alerts. I have a pre-trip update alert. […]

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Once upon a time, apps had bottom navigation. It then seemed to go out of style with more apps opting for slide out menus with hamburger icons. Bottom navs seem to be making a comeback. Should you design a bottom nav for the app you’re working on? My American Express app on Android recently redesigned […]

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For those of you new to this blog, hello! I’m Debbie and I’m a UX (user experience) designer. I specialize in interaction design and information architecture, which means it’s normally my job to make websites, apps, and other user experiences better, easier, more user friendly, faster to learn and use, etc… I’m a big Disney […]

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