Must-Have Android Apps

Posted By Debbie on November 22, 2010

Having purchased the Evo 4G for Sprint the day it came out (4 June 2010), I’ve had an Android phone for just over 5 months. Before that, I was mostly on Windows Mobile, with a few unhappy months with a Palm Pre in 2009. Android was new to me, but touch-screen multitasking phones were not.

In no particular order, here are some apps that make my life and business easier and faster.

1) K9 email. Too many features to mention, but I absolutely love K9. I handle 4 email accounts, and it makes juggling those fast and easy.

2) SayMyName reads texts, emails, and tweets out loud using TTS (text to speech). I only have it reading email senders and subjects as they come in. That way, if I’m driving or doing something where I am not looking at the phone, I know from hearing the sender and subject if it might be important. If it’s not important, I should keep driving and not play with my phone. 🙂

3) QuickProfiles lets me create phone profiles… how loud is the ring, media, airplane mode or not, etc… Great to quickly switch between profiles. My favourite feature is that you can associate each profile with a background screen for the phone. So I use a picture of my cat to visually remind me that my phone is on silent. If the background is Tucson, AZ, then I know the sound is on.

4) Dolphin Browser HD. Great browser with great plug-ins.

5) I do a huge amount of travel, so I have a number of travel apps that I live on. TripIt integrates with my Pro account. Wildly handy to keep track of flights, transportation, hotels, etc…, plus TripIt also syncs with Google calendar. FlightTrack just got a new UI and some new features, and I think it’s a major upgrade (ooo and congrats to them on being acquired!). It’s one of the few apps for which I’ve paid. TripIt and FlightTrack will alert me if anything in my travel schedule looks like trouble, like a delayed flight or changed departure gate. TripIt alerts me via text and email. FlightTrack uses an Android notification. Kayak is great for pricing out some travel options.

6) Calendar Snooze gives me more options for snoozing a calendar reminder. I can customise my own snooze times.

7) Ringo Lite lets me customise ring tones and SMS tones by person. I edit all my own sounds from songs I love, so I like to give the most important people their own sounds.

8) SlideIT Keyboard. I thought Shapewriter was amazing, but they took it off the market, and stopped updating it. I decided to try SlideIT, and then I paid for it. Yes, really. I’d like to get in some day, and remove the zillions of words it came with that I will NEVER type. But one great feature it has is “shortcuts.” For example, I slide my finger over “BFC” and then I choose “BFC” from the words it thinks I meant. I set up BFC as a shortcut, which will then type “” for me, just like that. A shortcut is up to 30 characters, so you can even use it for short sentences you use over and over.

9) Startup Cleaner 2 lets me set certain apps to NOT open on phone startup.

10) Apps2sd lets me move installed apps from internal memory to my storage card, freeing up internal memory room.

11) Rhapsody. Couldn’t live without their catalogue and my playlists.

12) Smooth Calendar drops my next 3 appointments on my home screen. It’s a widget.

13) Tech Time pushes the most popular tech blogs like Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch, etc… I like having one place to keep up on those news stories and opinions.

Those are the ones I live on. I have many others I use and enjoy, but those are my life-changing Android apps.