My Dream Flight Tracking App

Posted By Debbie on February 1, 2013

Right now, I use the FlightTracker mobile app to keep me updated on my flights, their timing, and gates. But there is something this app doesn’t do that I wish it did.

Every plane has a number on its tail. It’s like a license plate. It’s a unique number that identifies that exact plane. And when airlines schedule their flights, they assign specific planes for each trip. Seems pretty obvious!

When it’s flight day and I’m NOT taking the first flight of the day, I like to try to trace back the day’s schedule for that plane. For example, I may have an afternoon flight from San Francisco to Vegas. But earlier in the day, that plane may have flown Pittsburg to Chicago, Chicago to Denver, Denver to Reno, Reno to San Francisco, and then it’s my plane.

Any serious delay for any of those trips can delay my flight. Why. Because they are going to fly THAT exact plane, and I have to wait for it to pull into my gate. Yes, sometimes flights get so messed up that airlines change what plane will go where. And my dream app would keep up with those changes.

But my dream app would let me map out the whole day for my plane. Not my flight number since that might not be the same plane all day. I want the app to show me what plane is scheduled to be mine (by tail number), and then trace back all of its flights that day. It’ll keep track of if those are running on time, and warn me if they’re not.

I often do this manually, and am often the first to know my flight will be delayed. I’d love an app to do this for me. Flight Aware is close as it traces flight number. I’d like to go the extra step and trace flights by equipment (plane registration number).

Someone make that! I would pay for that app.