Netflix Tries Too Hard To Force Me Down A Path

Posted By Debbie on March 25, 2014

I’d like to see some classic Disney animation. I know they don’t always make that easy to get other than buying. Amazon Instant Video (with Prime) didn’t seem to have what I was looking for. So I hit Netflix.

I’m a paying customer of Netflix streaming. I don’t pay for DVDs because I found I wasn’t really using them or making time for them. I’m overpaying for streaming since I don’t think I’ve streamed something in 13 months. But I’m paying. So Netflix has already won the subscription model game against me.

Does Netflix have Fantasia? According to search results, it looks like they don’t. In fact, they think I must have spelled my search incorrectly. Click to enlarge.

search results

That didn’t seem right. So I went out to Google and searched for “netflix fantasia.” There was a page, and it looked mostly like this. Click to enlarge.


Hey, that looks like what I was looking for! Why didn’t it show me that earlier? Well, there it is now.

The page header is gone.

Where can I go from here? Seems like a bit of a dead end. I can’t search for something else. Can’t see my account. My only choice seems to be pushing me to add DVDs to my account. I didn’t want that. Guess I’ll find something else on Netflix I CAN have.

I clicked the logo on the top right hoping it would get me out there. I think we’d all assume that’ll take me to the Netflix home page. It didn’t. It took me to a page to aggressively push me on adding DVDs to my streaming subscription. Click to enlarge.

aggressive sales pitch

Ummmmmm. This isn’t the home page. This is a sales pitch to upgrade my account. I cut the header off the screen shot, but please know it’s a logo, red bar, and NOTHING else. No search, no account, no sign out. Mostly a dead end. Clicking the logo took me to the home page (finally).

I’m looking for some sort of “No Thanks” choice so I can get out of this and get into parts of Netflix I can actually use. Nope. Nowhere. My only choice is to click to start the trial.

Does that work?

I’d love to see conversion numbers on that. How many people do that? How long do they stay members before “cancelling any time”?

What could Netflix have done instead?

I think in a case like mine, it would have been helpful to have used intelligence they had about me. Three key things:

  • I previously had a DVD membership and cancelled it over a year ago.
  • I haven’t visited the website in 4 months.
  • I’m a customer you could be in danger of losing completely because I rarely use the service. I’ve been auto paying because I’ve forgotten to cancel. My account has watched 12 movies or TV shows in the last 16 months. I’m not much of a customer, and if I remember, I would probably just cancel, especially with what I’m finding on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

And what Netflix DOESN’T know about my account is that 8 of those 12 viewings over the last 16 months were streamed to keep my boyfriend’s Dad entertained when he visited. He knows how to use Netflix, so we just set him up with our Roku logged into my account. We introduced him to Top Gear, and he’s hooked.

That means that instead of trying so hard to get MORE money out of it, Netflix instead might have shown me more VALUE. Remind me why I pay for this. Do you have more Mystery Science Theatre 3K TV episodes? Do you have suggestions of what I can watch? Do you have something I’d have a hard time finding somewhere else?

I’m now asking my boyfriend why I am still paying for this when we’re not using it, and maybe Dad can find what he likes on Amazon or YouTube. He can push it through the Roku to the big screen, and have his shows. Even if we did two $3 on demand rentals from Amazon each month, that would be less than I’m paying to not use Netflix streaming. And if Dad has Netflix at home, he can just log into our Roku with his account. We can cancel ours.

Looks like Netflix’s aggressive approach has inspired me more to cancel my account completely than to upgrade and pay more. Boyfriend said his Dad can log into his own account next time he visits. Cancelled my account.