Never Interrupt a Key, Especially Short, Process

Posted By Debbie on May 30, 2016

I’m a paying customer of a meditation app. How does it work? You have a long screen where you pick the topic. Then you pick which one, then you play it. Easy process, right?

They also have a few special series on one topic. So it might be the 7 Days of Something. You can download one meditation for each day. The process? Pick that off the long list on the main screen, pick the day, and play it.

Until a recent app update.

And I sure hope they change this back. Now let’s take a look at the NEW process to listen to a meditation track.

Step 1

Let’s listen to something from the 21 Days of Calm series.

Step 2

Oh, this is a little about the series. Well, the problem is that I’m shown this every time I go in. Want to listen to the next day? I have to see this first as if I have no idea what this series is. I see this no matter what my intention is: start the series, listen to the next day, re-listen to a previous day. 🙁

There might be a reason to explain a series more deeply, but it probably shouldn’t be a forced step every time I want to listen to one of these.

But pressing “start” will get us started, right?

Step 3

Am I ready to commit? Is that important? Is a meditation app judging me???

Do you care how often I listen to this? Who cares how long I take to do this or if I stop and never come back?

But you have added another step and click to what could have been and used to be a short process.

On a side note, the app should know that I have a paid for a year in advance. It shouldn’t act like it has separation anxiety or co-dependency issues just yet.

If I say I’m not ready, I don’t get to listen to the track. So let’s say we’re ready because this app might be a little needy. 🙂

Step 4a

I can re-listen to a previous day, or…

Step 4b

I can download a new Day of Calm meditation I haven’t heard yet.

What happens after you listen to a track?

Very often, I don’t listen to just one track. I like to listen to 2 or 3, sometimes in the same series, sometimes in different series.

By the way, you can’t back up during a track or restart it. You’d have to end it and go through that process again to restart it. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Here is what it looks like when the track is done.

Step 5

I’m congratulated on having listened to a track. Can’t do anything other than click here. Don’t need the congrats, but thanks, it was easy.

Step 6

Without choice, I’m shown a record of how many days this month I’ve listened to at least one track. Not important.

Not part of this process. I’m in listening mode. Don’t care about how many I’ve listened to recently.

Never important or relevant. I’m not in some sort of meditation competition against anybody.

6 steps to listen to a meditation track?!

It should be 2. Pick the series or topic. Pick the track you want inside that series or topic.

When done, leave me on the track screen with a replay option. Or take me back to the main screen to pick another series or topic.

Two steps. This could be really efficient. I don’t understand the reason to add all the extra steps here.

We’re not dating so stop asking me to commit. There is no penalty for NOT listening more often or coming back to a program, so why stop me every single time I want to hear a track and put two screens in my way?

Do you need to give me a series explanation every time I want to hear a track? Even if I JUST heard a track from that series? Do I need to commit every time? How about if I already listened to all 21 Days of Calm and want to re-listen… still need me to agree to commit? I’ve already done it!

Good UX is often about streamlining processes. Keep the user’s needs in mind and see how efficient you can make things.