New Website Design

Posted By Debbie on September 24, 2011

Categories: Web Design

Tags: design, website

Remember a month or two ago, I promised this site would get a new design? Well, it’s finally up. Still a few tweaks, but it’s going well.

I know some of my readers may be new to UX/UI, so I’ll explain that the site is designed to look like an annotated wireframe. A wireframe is like a mockup of a site, page, application, or anything someone might use on the web or a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad). You can “sketch” them, where you use drawn-looking lines, and handwritten fonts. That helps your client know this is just a mockup, and not to go crazy over every 0.001 of an inch. The 960 grid (button at the top right) is a tool we use to line things up. Yes, you can click that button on this site; it’s not just for show.

I wanted to create something that was about what I do and how I do it. I’m fun, fresh, and don’t like to be put in boxes, so it doesn’t make sense for me to make another boring UX Architect website with mostly words, 2 tabs, and lots of rectangles.

One thing I also changed for the new site is that my drop-down menus in my navigation are on click rather than on mouseover. We’re all used to menus dropping down when we hover, but the problem is that the hover state doesn’t really work well on touch devices like phones and tablets. Once you hover your finger somewhere, it’s assumed to be a click, and that’s it. If I can only get to your drop-down menu on hover, it will be harder to use on touch devices. So my new nav menu is on click! Usability, baby! 🙂

And the business card matches.

I hope the site makes everybody smile.