No More Date or Phone Number Formatting Errors

Posted By Debbie on February 7, 2013

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Really. You want to stop what I was doing to tell me you don’t like how I entered the phone number? It’s like not I said my phone number was PY9*32434342*ñ. You should be able to validate the field to make sure there are 10 numbers. Then put them in your damn database however you freaking want them. Don’t stop me. Don’t distract me. Don’t make me feel like a dummy.

If the field validates for the right amount of the right type of characters, GO WITH IT. It’s 2013. You should be able to roll with that one, and not error me out for putting in dashes where you wanted parens, putting dots where you wanted dashes, putting spaces where you wanted no spaces……. Come on.

So many hotel, flight, travel, and other sites can’t seem to understand what date I mean when I enter “4/21.” Evidently, they needed 04/21/2013. Otherwise they might think what? I want to book travel for 2014? I want the 4th day of the 21st month of the year? Try guessing. You will probably be right. Try guessing that 4/21 means April 21st of this year.