Number One Reason To Go To Dreamforce 2012

Posted By Debbie on August 30, 2012

I was at Dreamforce in 2011. I just did the expo, which included the big Metallica concert. I’m not a Metallica fan, but I went for about 40 minutes of it. It was depressing. They seemed to be putting on a good show, but I know very few of their songs. And based on the front man’s banter to the audience, he assumed that nobody in the audience knew their songs. He pretty much said so. It was awkward, but only got more awkward when he said corporate sell-out-ish things like, “You guys are here because you want the best!” (meaning Salesforce). Ow.

I wasn’t surprised when Salesforce started marketing to me via Facebook ads. Dreamforce 2012 was in my ads nearly every day. But based on the ads they’ve chosen to run, I can only draw one conclusion about Salesforce’s huge annual conference:

The number one reason to go is to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. I guess Metallica wasn’t asked back.

RHCP. Really? I wonder how much of Mother’s Milk they’ll do. RHCP do corporate gigs? Software conferences? I had no idea.

But what was more surprising was that zero ads delivered to me were about networking. Or all the awesome vendors on the expo floor (should you feel that way about the vendors and the expo floor… I’m still trying to get off their mailing lists from last year). Or the incredible sessions that will be delivered (Should you feel that way about the sessions… I didn’t attend any). Or the amazing system that Salesforce is and how you have to get it!

Every ad is about how I am running out of time to buy a very expensive ticket to see a band in concert. I think they forgot to post Anthony Kiedis on this page.

PS on 1 Sep 2012: It got weirder. Dreamforce wants me to build their playlist! It sounds like someone there is trying to get SO into social that they’ve lost the idea that this is the annual Salesforce conference. It’s not back to college week. Despite the picture they chose.