On Steve Jobs’ Passing

Posted By Debbie on October 6, 2011

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In 1979, I was put in a computer class to learn BASIC on a Commodore Pet. I was 7 years old. In 1985, my parents bought our first home computer, the Apple II+. Wow, we thought it was amazing. You could barely get me away from that thing. One day, it was upgraded to the Apple IIe with dual floppy disk drives. Oh, I think I cried. That was just too amazing to imagine. I could boot off one disk, and save my data to another. I didn’t have to swap out disks anymore!

I started college in 1989, and bought the school’s bundle of the Macintosh SE and Imagewriter printer. I needed glasses after staring at the 9″ black and white screen for my first semester. But I made great things happen on it. In my sophomore year, I added some music equipment and a MIDI interface, and did my music classes’ homework on Deluxe Music Construction Set, and eventually Mark Of The Unicorn’s Mosaic. I sequenced with Vision, which I was very proud of since it was what Howard Jones and Thomas Dolby were using back then. I had quite the setup.

I also had one of those Mah Jongg tile removing games (in black and white) that was Mac themed. The tiles had little pictures of things like the Apple logo and Steve Jobs’ head.

In 1993, I treated myself to an upgrade, and got the Mac Centris 650 with a 13″ colour screen. I actually still have it (and all my 3.5″ floppy disks) in my storage room. In 1995, I started a web design business, and found that none of the software I wanted to use to write web pages was available for Mac. The websites always said, “Available NOW for Windows 95. Available next year for Mac.” I decided that if this is my path, I need Windows. So I had a Windows computer custom built for me, including a SCSI card and Seagate SCSI drives. This allowed me to use my Mac SCSI peripherals.

At first, Windows was just terrible compared to Mac. I missed fixing my computer by dragging a backed-up Finder over a messed up Finder. But nowadays, I’m happy with Windows. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine for me. I know Macs aren’t perfect. I have seen them crash! 🙂 I have had artists who work for me be without a computer sometimes for a month because their “Mac is in the shop.” Computers are what they are, especially when you work on them as many hours as I do.

I’m not a big fan of Apple products now. I don’t have iAnything, and I stronger prefer Android over iOS. I’m happy with my Windows laptop and netbook. I just bought a refurb Macbook so that I can test things on a Mac, but I plan to keep that computer mostly shut off in a corner. It just doesn’t appeal to me, for whatever reason. But I recognise the contribution that Steve Jobs and Apple gave to my formative years, and continue to give to the whole world.

I just saw a post go by that said that Steve Jobs was our generation’s Thomas Edison. I think that’s about right. I can’t think of anybody else that has affected so many people at home, at work, or at play, especially musicians. Thanks to Steve and Apple for changing the world.