Press 8 To Be Called Back

Posted By Debbie on February 13, 2018

Categories: Business

Tags: call centers, callbacks, IVR

Having made endless phone calls lately to cancel utilities, book flights, and the many adventures you go on when you are moving a long distance, I noticed something about call systems.

Some now know that if the wait is long, you don’t want to be on hold. Press a certain number and we will call you back when it would be your turn in the queue.

This sounds good. This sounds like you have empathy for the customer, who doesn’t want a phone glued to her ear listening to rejected smooth jazz for 2 hours.

When that callback comes, you get one shot.

I was waiting hours to talk to an airline. I pressed the key to get a call back. When the call came, I was visiting a farm. The call didn’t go through. I later got a voice mail. If I still need help, please call us back.


Another similar one… The wait was over an hour. I pressed the key to get a call back. When they called back, the line disconnected. That was my one shot.


Take that empathy to the next step.

Imagine that not everybody can answer the phone in every moment. Sometimes a call drops. I’m in an area of no service. I’m in an elevator. A shop. A Disney World ride. Airport security. My car is going into a tunnel.

I still need to talk to you.

Try me again.

Not when it’s a sales call. I do NOT want a 48th call from Quicken Loans (when I don’t want a loan). This blog post is not for you, sales calls! This is for companies I called, the hold was too long, and I opted in to get a call later in the day.

Try me again. Don’t give me one shot.