Proactive Live Chat Beats Reactive Live Chat

Posted By Debbie on April 25, 2016

We use live chat on our website. I man it (woman it?) personally. I’m happy to answer questions people have as they move around our site. Plus, if people are having trouble finding something, this helps me improve areas of the site people may find unclear.

I heard that Facebook wants you to get Messenger on your site so you can chat. But can Messenger do this?

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This is Olark, a chat system I like and use (and would recommend). When someone hits the site, I get the IP (not pictured here) and their best guess at the location.

“This is a new customer” would say something different if Olark thinks or knows this visitor has been here before.

I can see how they got to my site and what pages they’re on. Looks like someone might have questions!

I could wait to see if this person starts the live chat or emails me.

We have a chat offering in the bottom right but Olark lets me do a proactive chat. So I asked this person if I could answer any questions about our live public Axure training workshops. Yes. He/she wanted to know the pricing for the live San Francisco workshops as well as whether or not I thought someone who has been using Axure a while would get something out of it. Great questions!

We chatted a few minutes. I even managed to make this person LOL over chat, which is a fun customer service moment.

Can your live chat do that?

I don’t just need reactive chat. I want the chance to consider proactively reaching out to someone who perhaps is a return visitor, someone who perhaps looks like he is hitting a bunch of similar pages and perhaps having trouble finding the answers he wants.

Olark isn’t the only game in town but I am really liking their system. Go proactive!