Checkout Flow Redesign for Healthcare Startup

Posted By Debbie on March 12, 2016

Checkout Flow Redesign for Healthcare Startup

What They Had:

This client was a well-funded startup who decided that their website checkout needed to be updated to be more like their call center script. Call center operators weren’t just selling medical testing; they were also asking a series of personal and health questions.

The client supplied screen shots of the current checkout with notes like, “this will change.” They also supplied their call center script including question logic.

What They Wanted:

A new checkout that asked sensitive health questions.

When This Was Done:

February 2013 – March 2013.

What We Did:

  • Axure prototype.
  • Watched an outside company perform user testing. Wrote up our own analysis and suggestions.

Where Things Got Interesting:

With little concrete information, we designed the best questionnaire-plus-checkout we could. We asked people health questions. Once they seemed to commit to signing up for medical testing, we then walked them through choosing a lab, choosing how they’ll pay, and creating their new account while finishing the checkout. We couldn’t find a good reason to make people sign up for an account if they decline testing or can’t find a local lab.

The client’s reaction to it was that we had the order all wrong and corporate would never stand for it. They insisted that the user first create an account, then answer health questions, then choose tests, their lab, and finally payment and completion. We disagreed but mocked up a second Axure prototype with their flow.

When it came time for user testing, the client surprised us by announcing that they would be showing their preferred version to the testers and then would show ours as an alternative to see how users felt about it.

Every user said that our original version felt better and seemed like a faster way to get through it. The client had to concede that ours was better for the user.


Website as a published Axure prototype

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