Large Website For Finance & Insurance

Posted on Mar 12, 2016 in Axure Work IxD UCD

Large Website For Finance & Insurance

What They Had:

This client was a large company offering a variety of financial and insurance products. They had previously allowed each division to create and maintain their own separate website. The decision was made that all divisions and products had to be offered under one website. This meant we were working with 18 stakeholders representing departments from dental benefits to wealth management to HR.

What They Wanted:

The complete UCD process. This was mostly an IA project as bringing everybody together required a new approach to site structure and organization. They originally wanted wireframes but when they had a hard time visualizing how things would really work, we switched gears and built a more interactive, medium-fidelity prototype. The new website would be built into a CMS, so page layouts had to have templating in mind.

When This Was Done:

May 2013 – November 2013.

What We Did:

  • Two competitive analyses. One looked at competitors’ websites generally and how they approached IA and navigation. The other looked more specifically at how competitors handled “life stages.” Life stages are events like getting married, saving for college, or retiring. This document was intended to be internal only (not shown to the client) so it was casually written.
  • 30 interviews with stakeholders, customer support, agents, and others to define the company goals and user needs and behaviors.
  • Created six personas.
  • Wrote multiple scenarios for the personas.
  • Sitemap and hierarchy.
  • Axure prototype for every page down to four levels deep.
  • User testing and analysis.

Where Things Got Interesting:

Did we mention 18 stakeholders? They were from different departments, divisions, and product lines. They were each sure that they were the most important element of the company and therefore deserved the most presence in navigation, menus, home pages, and other landing pages.


ScreenHunter_316 Mar. 28 10.04
Competitive Analysis PDF
Personas PDF
ScreenHunter_314 Mar. 28 09.53
Scenarios PDF
ScreenHunter_315 Mar. 28 09.54
Sitemap as a published Axure page

Password: ptype
Color represents department. Each page labeled with its CMS template.
Website as a published Axure prototype

Password: ptype
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