Life Insurance Lead Generation Form

Posted on Mar 12, 2016 in Axure Work IxD

Life Insurance Lead Generation Form

What They Had:

This client gathers information about potential customers to shop life insurance quotes for them. They had an existing web lead generation form, but believed it could be improved.

What They Wanted:

Improvements to their lead generation form.

When This Was Done:

August 2014 and December 2014.

What We Did:

  • Competitive analysis of other life insurance quote websites’ lead generation forms.
  • Two Axure prototypes. One was taking their current form, laying it out more neatly, and hiding follow-up questions behind progressive disclosure. The second examined what their lead form might look like if it were modeled after competitors using very short questionnaires.
  • User testing and analysis.

One example of where we cleaned up form logic was their old form asked how many moving violations you had in the last three years and then how many you had in the last five years. We realized that you can’t have any moving violations in the last three years if you had zero in the last five years. We asked the “five year” question first and only surfaced the “three year” question if the answer to “five years” was one or more.

Where Things Got Interesting:

The client was very resistant to change but was asking for change. They didn’t want any of the questions removed from the three-page form. This was puzzling since their competitors all use dramatically shorter forms in an effort to just get people into the lead funnel. This client was sure that only customers deeply interested in life insurance will fill out long forms. We suggested that the long and invasive form might be driving away potential, desirable customers who feel like they don’t have the time for three long pages of questions.

We reminisced about the Monty Python sketch where an insurance agent makes a man bring in a 12-gallon urine sample. When the man produces it, the agent tells him to throw it away. The man wants to know why he had to collect his urine for months if they’re not testing it. The agent says, “We do it to make sure that you’re serious about wanting insurance.”

We decided to not send that YouTube clip to the client.

Another interesting aspect of this client’s business model is that no matter what you answer in the online lead generation form, they call you, ask all the same questions again, and ask additional questions. To us, this emphasizes why the online form could be shorter. You’re going to call and ask them these questions anyway.


Website as a published Axure prototype

Password: ptype
This version keeps the form three pages long.
Website as a published Axure prototype

Password: ptype
This version images the form much shorter
and in a one-page experience.


Here is a tour of some highlights of our Axure prototype.

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