Realistic Axure Prototype With Cart & Math

Posted on Mar 12, 2016 in Axure Work

Realistic Axure Prototype With Cart & Math

What They Had:

This client was a cell phone company that wanted to allow customers to super-granularly control and define the monthly plan. Users could choose how many texts, how many minutes, and how much data they wanted in a month. They already had a design idea for their web pages.

What They Wanted:

They wanted a hyper-realistic Axure prototype that would bring these designs to life. Many clients are OK with prototypes not doing all possible math or showing “lorem ipsum” in a shopping cart. This client wanted all math on the Build Your Plan page. On the same page, they also wanted the exact phone you chose to really show up in the shopping cart.

When This Was Done:

August 2013 – September 2013. Zact was acquired and closed their website in mid-2014.

What We Did:

  • Medium-fidelity prototype in Axure.


Website as a published Axure prototype

Password: ptype


Here is a tour of the complexity of our Axure prototype.

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