Qwest’s QControl Registration

Posted By Debbie on November 12, 2010

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: forms, ui, usability

I decided to go paperless on my Qwest account. It told me to go to qcontrol.qwest.com to register. I had to start with a screen with a form for my name, email, and phone number. Am I high on smoothies, or did that just ask me my pager number?

The next screen wanted to authenticate that it’s really me. There was a form on the page. I had to find a bill and fill out my account number, the date on the bill, the invoice number on the bill, and the amount the bill was. OK, I have September’s bill handy. I threw away October’s because it had a negative balance. So I put in September’s info, and clicked “next.”

Next was not what I was supposed to pick. Click to enlarge to see how this looks:

Huh? In a vacuum, this sucks. I’m thinking, “Oh man. I have to fill this form out. I click upload, and it’ll dump my form info into a spreadsheet. Then I have to upload the spreadsheet. Come on! Make a form that works!”

But it gets worse. Entering the info in their fields did NOT put my info into the spreadsheet it needs me to upload. So the form on the page does nothing other than PREPARE you to put that info into the spreadsheet, which when you download it, looks like this:

So don’t OVERWRITE our example with your real info. Please make another spreadsheet row with the info you just typed into an online form that did nothing. Oh and clicking “browse” to upload my file produced another browse button I had to click. Yes, really.

Ultimately, I couldn’t get past this screen. I filled in the form fields and submitted, didn’t work. I uploaded the spreadsheet with my info as row 5, didn’t work. I uploaded the spreadsheet WITH the form fields filled out, didn’t work. Each time, I get a big, red sentence saying, “Specify one of the required combinations of fields.” I’m not even sure what that means.

Qwest, this was one of the most frustrating experiences I can remember. This was insane. I didn’t sign up for your service. I hope someone notices a bunch of people abandoning ship at this insane screen asking me to upload a spreadsheet, and wakes up to the idea of form fields actually sending information to your system.