Reminder: Tweets Are Public and Searchable

Posted By Debbie on April 18, 2011

I have a saved Twitter search for “personal safety” just to see what’s going on that might be relevant to my startup. This one popped into my stream since it matched the search terms. But my oh my, this is not an issue my startup will be dealing with.

I couldn’t help but be curious. Who is publicly tweeting at an account called @pornlaw, looking for help? One might think that you contact them privately. I followed things back to the author of the above tweet. According to her bio, she’s a porn star. According to her Twitter background graphic, she believes that if you have a bikini, you only need to wear the top. This doesn’t strike me as someone overly concerned about keeping things from being revealed.

But if nothing else, it’s a reminder that everything you post to Twitter is public and searchable unless your account is locked, or your tweet is a direct message (DM) to someone who is following you. And even then, someone could screen shot it, and make it public. You’re not really guaranteed privacy, so consider that when tweeting. Assume anybody and everybody could see it… including the person who is compromising your safety and revealing your personal info.