Remove Most Data-Double-Entry

Posted By Debbie on March 23, 2015

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: error messages, forms, user data

I don’t want to enter my email address twice. You’re trying to save me from typing my own email address incorrectly? Well I just copied and pasted it. That’s like calling the wrong number, finding out it’s the wrong number, and then hitting redial on the phone.

If you’re going to allow copy and paste from one field to another, you may not save a user from a mistake.

Are you finding that a significant number of users enter their email addresses incorrectly? Then you have a problem to solve. If you are not finding that you have that problem, perhaps you don’t need to inconvenience 99% of users who will type their email address correctly.

Don’t Make More Work For Users

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You want my phone number. You want a second phone number in case I want to enter home and work or home and mobile. OK I get that.

These fields are red because I was given an error message saying I didn’t fill out all of the mandatory fields. Alternate Phone is also mandatory.

Asking someone to re-enter the identical number again if they have no second number may fill up your database the way you want, but it isn’t a good user experience. Why not code the page so that if that’s left blank, your system puts the first phone number in both slots in the database. Why error a user out if you don’t have to?