Rhapsody’s Tablet App Drives Me Crazy

Posted By Debbie on February 15, 2013

I love Rhapsody. I swear by it. I’ve been paying for it so long, I was paying for it when it was Yahoo Music. Years and years. I think everything pales in comparison. iTunes and Spotify can suck it compared to my Rhapsody.

I like the phone app. It’s easy to search, work with my playlists, and grab songs I feel like hearing in the moment. When I’m playing a song, it looks like this (click to enlarge):


If I want to get back to my playlist, I hit the bottom right icon of horizontal lines. The album art flips around to reveal my playlist, which I can scroll (click to enlarge):


But their tablet app needs a serious redo.

I would LOVE it if the Rhapsody tablet app were just a giant version of their phone app. Really. It’s that good. I don’t need a special “tablet experience” here. But someone decided I did. Here is what it looks like if I’m playing the same playlist, and happen to search for artist Midge Ure (click to enlarge):


UX problems…

  1. The table app forces landscape mode. I use my tablet nearly 100% in portrait mode. So the whole thing swivels just for Rhapsody. I’d like to be able to use it in the portrait orientation.
  2. My playlist is a tiny bacon strip down the side. Tiny bacon strip!
  3. In the phone app, when I’m looking at a play list, I can long press on a song to get a “right click menu” style menu of options about that song. Add to library, add to a playlist, remove from the play queue, more from this album, more from this artist, and share. Very useful! When I long press on a song in the Bacon Strip in the tablet, NOTHING. No menu. Nothing happens. That’s inconsistent with the phone experience, and it’s removing features I use all the time.
  4. Did you notice something else missing? The timeline or whatever you call the module that shows I’m 12 seconds into a 3:09 song. That slider lets me jump to any point in the song. It’s in the phone app. Not in the tablet app. I can’t jump to a specific point in a track on the tablet.

Once upon a time, a guy who worked for Real was considering having me work on the Rhapsody app. That would have been WONDERFUL. I welcome the challenge. But weeks later, Rhapsody was bought by MTV Networks, and I never heard from the guy again. I would LOVE to work on this tablet app and make it better. It should at least be as good as the phone app, and with the extra real estate, why can’t it be remarkable… especially with competition from Spotify and other music apps.