Salesforce Promoted Tweet For Benioff Keynote

Posted By Debbie on October 5, 2011

Well, um, this is a little awkward. Right now, Oracle’s big conference is going on. Reportedly, Marc Benioff of Salesforce paid Oracle $1M to give the keynote. He paid THEM. That’s what the news said this morning. And at the last minute, he got cancelled. The news said he’ll be getting his money back, and that he STILL plans to give his speech somewhere outside the event. Here is AllThingsD‘s article on what happened.

Salesforce wants everybody to know that, and is paying to promote this tweet I just got. I guess they still wanted to burn that million dollars. And with the Oracle Open World 2011 hashtag. Nice touch!

They could have just tweeted for free, and used the hashtag, hoping to get the attention of conference attendees. I’d think by now, the attendees know he’s not giving that speech this morning. They might be Googling for what’s up, and found the news.

Edit 15 minutes later: Stop the presses. I just hit Facebook, and was shown this ad: